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MDH Pharmacy Level 0

The Pharmacy is located on the Ground Floor in the Outpatient Department of Mater Dei Hospital. The pharmacy’s opening hours are from Monday to Friday between 8am and 2pm, and Saturdays from 8am till 12.15pm. An emergency service is also offered after hours and patients will be attended to from the Hatch area which is located near the escalators.


Free Medicines are dispensed to all those patients in possession of a free drug entitlement control card. There are 3 types of control cards which entitle a patient to free medicinals:

(a) Schedule V (Yellow Card)
(b) Schedule II (Pink Card)
(c) Health Department Staff Card (Grey Card)

N.B. There is also the Drug Control Card or White Card, but this does not entitle the patient to free medicine. All those medicines prescribed on a green prescription require this card in order to be dispensed by the pharmacist. Thus this card monitors the use of narcotic and psychotropic drugs.

This control card is issued by a special application which is filed and signed by the doctor and an affidavit has to be taken if this control card lost or misplaced. An application is also required when the control card expires and needs to be renewed. It is only renewed without an application if it is full but still valid.

In order to be dispensed with the prescribed medicines, patients or their carers must present a valid prescription and entitlement card for the respective item. In order for protocol-regulated items to be dispensed, an approval for the respective item also needs to be presented. The respective prescribing consultant fills in an application for this approval and it is then processed by the DPA.


Only patients or persons collecting medicines are allowed inside the Pharmacy Waiting Area. Persons in possession of a Special Card issued by KNPD may, however, be accompanied by one other person.

There are 4 different queues at MDH Pharmacy:

Patients who need to buy a particular medicine.

Patients who need only 1 item

The following patient categories may wait in this queue:

 Patients in possession of a yellow identity card issued by the KNPD.
 Patients over 75 years of age.
 Patients arriving by ambulance.

All other patients

Patients shall be given a ticket pertaining to their respective queue at the Pharmacy Reception Desk.

In order to be entitled to wait in the Special Queue, the patient possessing the card issued by KNPD must be present.

The following patients may proceed directly to the pharmacy reception desk:

1. Patients in possession of an identity card issued by KNPD.

2. Members of staff of MDH wishing to deposit their documents for collection of medicines.

3. Members of staff of MDH who need to collect medicines after having deposited their documents a number of days earlier.


Patients requiring ostomy items and CAPD patients (on dialysis) are dispensed the items required from this room.


Discharged patients are dispensed a three days’ supply of medicines from the hatch area. All other patients can only be dispensed an emergency supply of medicines from the hatch at times when retail pharmacies are closed. Such patients are only given these medicines for free if they are in possession of a Schedule V, Schedule II or a Grey Card. Patients on oxygen therapy fill in their agreement form at the Hatch and pay at the Billing Section or at the Emergency Department after business hours.

Oxygen cylinders are supplied and re-filled from Poligas at Hal-Farrug tel: 25585503/2. Hence a patient on oxygen therapy only goes to MDH Pharmacy on the first time and last time of use. Opening hours of Poligas are Monday to Saturday from 7.00 a.m. till 7.00 p.m. Sundays and Public Holidays 7.00 a.m. till 1.00 p.m.



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